Saturday, April 29, 2006

cheap summer treats!

For chickies looking for fabulous finds but who don't want to spend $500 every time you go shopping - keep an eye for these pieces and come home happy and richer!

Banana Republic Rhinestone Enamel Flower Ring - $32

Onion Flower Wall Art - $30 each

Anthropology Isadora blouson v-neck - $58

Michelle Roy Wood Bead Bracelet with Clover Charm - $88

Gap Macrame D-Ring Belt - $32.50

Madeline Sadee Shoes - $55

I tried to keep things under $100 for this blog - but I just couldn't help myself with a laptop a chickie travels is very important and you must have a fabulous laptop bag to show off.

Acme makes chic bags that fit up to 17" which is important to me because I just got a new laptop with a monster screen and I will definitely be needing a new case!

ACME MADE - Designer Slim - $149 - $179

ACME MADE - The Slim - $79.99 - $109.00

Friday, April 21, 2006

happy birthday mom!!!!

Yesterday was my Mom's birthday! She is a great mom and gave me my chickie style! If you see her this weekend wish her a happy birthday!!

Hugs and kisses MA!!!

Saturday, April 15, 2006

muholland drive to venice...LA in a weekend....

I have never been to Cailfornia before and I was lucky enough to come out to LA on business this past week. As an avid gossip mag reader (I know....photogs are bad...celebs are stalked...I can't help my obsessions....) I had specific hotspots I needed to prove existed outside of my weekly subscription to US Weekly. Thank goodness I have a friend who lives in Santa Monica and took me on a whirlwind LA tour all in one day.

We actually started the night before my whirlwind day at a kick ass bar/restaurant in Venice Beach called Beech Wood - for anyone who thinks Venice is shady - this restaurant will make you feel like you are in a swanky Georgetown bar on the waterfront. It was trendy and fresh and filled with real looking people who didn't have more plastic surgery than real body parts...

Their menu had yummy things like flank steak, sweet potato fries, and cedar grilled fish. Perfect for a late night dinner/cocktails with friends.

We woke up the next morning and drove to pick up our friend in Santa Monica and drove to Robertson to check out the shops and oogle celebs at the Ivy. We drove through Beverly Hills to get to the shops and I saw the Beverly Hills Hotel (where Dylan lived on the show 90210!) and a couple of other ritzy hot spots.

When we got to Robertson, I wasn't feeling any celebrity vibe coming from the Ivy so we parked ourselves across the street at the Newsroom and had healthy salads and sandwiches while we watched the scenery. While eating I saw Benji Madden from Good Charlotte walk by wearing and Orioles hat - representing Waldorf, MD I'm sure. Good times.

Next I stopped in the legendary Kitson - where surprisingly enough it looked like an Urban Outfitters - just with way more expensive items...the Kooba purses were enough to make me drool on myself.

Kooba Scarlett Bag - $500

Kooba Mia Bag - $595

Kooba Haydon Bag - $295

All fabulous....I tried all of them on about 10 times until my husband dragged me out of the store...

But not before I saw all these great pieces...

Gerard Yosca Blue Rope Gold Link Necklace - $165

Sam Edelman - Women's Grass Suede Sandal - $85

Kurtz - Eagle Pin Hat - $38

There was a line to get into it was some kind of club - there was a velvet rope and they had a "bouncer". It was very surreal...I couldn't buy anything it was too weird.

We went into some other fun stores but I needed something with a little more depth and my friend took me to just the place..American Rag in La fabulous.

This place was filled with new and vintage clothing as well as amazing jewelry and purses. Most of the place was Marc Jacobs, Katayone Adeli, and tons of labels for men. Loved this place and picked up an amazing necklace....

Zoe Chicco - Mixed Horn, Mother of Pearl and Disco Ball Necklace

After quick shopping stops we went to go watch the band that my friend manages, Melee, play a Springfest at USC. They just signed onto Warner Bros. records so keep an eye for them - they were awesome. The singer reminds me of a more boisterous Jeff Buckley - which is a compliment in my book.

After the show - we were starving., we went to Nobu Matsuhisa. We ate a ton of sushi and then finished up with lycee sorbet - delish....We were eating right next to Justine Bateman...celebrity sightings were up to 2.

After eating it was time to get down to business. I needed to see LA and I needed to see it fast. We started off driving through Beverly Hills where we swung by the Mercedes Dealership and saw Will & Grace's Eric McCormack shopping for cars. Then we drove down Sunset so I could see all the famous nightclubs, and hotels. Chateau Marmont, The Viper Room, The Rainbow Room, The well as a million other places I hear about all the time.

Then we drove through Hollywood and saw Mann's Theatre and the Kodak Theater as well as the Scientology Celebrity Center....very scary. I kept waiting to see Tom Cruise drag Katie Holmes out of there.

From Hollywood we drove up Muholland Drive because I was obsessed with the Hollywood Hills and needed to see more...We pulled over and saw the Valley which was amazing to think there was a whole other world on the other side of the hills....

From there we drove back down and hit the water - it was strange to be on the very edge of the West Coast...when I'm used to being on the very edge of the Easy Coast.

So that was my day in a nutshell - I know I'm leaving out a lot and I didn't even take pictures because it all happened so fast - but I know I'll be coming back and be able to dig even deeper into my LA fascination!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

things i love....

I found gorgeous spring things at Anthropologie - I'm not ready to wear any of the stuff yet - but still love it...

The Ivory Dress - $188

This looks perfectly Parisian....I would love to snag this for summer vacation in Antibes....

Al Fresco Espadrilles - $188

Still on my Parisian kick - fun for shopping, lunching and showing off a new pedicure.

Michael Kors is still at the top of my list....

Michael Kors Woodstock Suede Pump - $129

How uncomfortable these look, but with summer's cuffed shorts or beige dress slacks...I could wear these if I was sitting most of the day.

Naughty Erasers....

Paper Source - $4 each

Just to keep on your desk for giggles...and to let people know you're serious about your work and not afraid to use profanity to show it.

Romantic Candles
Whether to create a mood or to decorate a powder room - these create the perfect feeling at a perfect price of $6.95 - New Arrivals

And lastly, something for my baby Chuck...
A delightful boutique in Southeast Washington DC by Capitol Hill...filled with the best dog treats including cannolis and cupcakes.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

good things...

I just wanted to make a post of beautiful things...there's not rhyme or reason...they're just fabulous, fun, yummy things...

Vera Wang 18kt-gold rings with citrine, amethyst, garnet or peridot ($220 each)...perfect to accessorize right hand fingers.

18kt-gold chains with diamond-and-gold pendants ($325 & $490) - Denise James

CHEAP & CHIC ALERT - Tigereye drop earrings ($8) from Avon - while you're online shopping, find out how you can contribute to breast cancer research.

Nautica Bedding - Aarondale Comforter ($234), Sheets ($70), Pillowcases ($60), Poster Bed with Canopy ($2415)
This reminds me of a boy's room - but that's I think what I like about's warm and comfy.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

fall into luxury....

Now that the weather is getting chillier - I have begun to cashmere, velvet, leather & cordouroy. Here are some of my favorites:

Anthropologie Passenger Jacket - $239.00

Anthropologie Cordouroy Petal Jacket - $188.00

Anthropologie Amelia Jacket - $88.00

Anthropologie Beulah Jacket - $118.00

Anthropologie Monarch Boots - $498.00

Anthropologie Fair Lady Jacket - $88.00

J.Crew Textured Wellies - $78.00
Perfect for walking the dog or getting the mail in the rain!

J.Crew Marnie plaid ruched-velvet heels - $188.00
Sexy Heels in Plaid! Perfect for fall!

Saturday, October 01, 2005

mad about purses!

Not sure why but I have been obsessed with finding a new purse lately. Well obviously I know why - it's not like it's an odd obsession for a chickie like myself - but I mean I have really been crazy about it! I have been pouring over magazines and flying through department stores looking for the perfect purse - but I can't figure out what will make my madness stop! Help!!

Below are some of the finalists:

Marc Jacobs Quilted Purse - $198.00

Kooba Sienna Bag - $595.00 (Backordered)

Michael Kors

Kooba Frankie Duffel

Cynthia Rowley Satin Cargo Bag